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Wright Beef LLC is owned and operated by George and Sandy Wright. Their ranch is located in the Sandhills of Nebraska near Inman, a small town southeast of O'Neill, Nebraska. The Wrights have been in the ranch business most of their lives. They specialize in producing ranch direct, corn finished Nebraska beef, strictly without hormones or steroids. The Wrights believe in raising drug-free beef to provide consumers with the best Angus and Angus/Wagyu Cross beef with top of the line taste. George and Sandy believe that one should not have to give up quality for price, or price for quality. "You can have your steak and eat it too!"

Wright Beef

Our History: Wright Beef in Inman Nebraska

Wright Beef Corn Fed

George Wright has been involved in the livestock business his entire life. He is a third generation rancher and cattleman. Over the years, George has entered his cattle into several feedlot contests and has topped the carcass division numerous times. George has had Angus cattle crossed with other breeds and in the last 5 years, has focused on registered Angus bloodlines with emphasis on carcass quality, including tenderness, ribeye size, and marbling. This is what led to the research of crossbreeding the Angus breed with the Wagyu. The Wagyu breed is known for its high yield and it will increase the USDA grade of anything it crosses. When crossing the Angus and the Wagyu breeds, it results in American Style Kobe beef. Wright Beef uses bulls that are registered through the American Angus Association.

Wright Beef Family Owned

Cattle Pedigree

Nebraska Angus Beef

Wright Beef uses highly ranked sires when choosing the best match for their herd. They study cattle pedigrees so they can be certain their cattle will produce the best quality of meat across the board. They have cows and bulls with bloodlines from 6 of the Top 20 bulls ranked in the Spring of 2014 Sire Alliance Data for Shear Force, which relates to tenderness.

Top Active Sires
Chosen for Wright Beef
Shear Force EPD (LB) Shear Force % Rank
Foresight -.35 Top 1%
Impression -.31 Top 1%
Lead On -.25 Top 10%
Objective -.14
Top 35%
3F Emblazon -.13  
In Focus (REF) -.09  

Wagyu / Angus Cross Traits

Wright Beef Angus Cattle Windmill

Wagyu Beef has a very distinctive DNA and is subject to producing the world's most tender meat that is generously marbled, which infuses an incredible flavor into the meat. Wagyu Beef originated in Japan and is widely known as Kobe beef. Wagyu Beef is also known to be more beneficial to one's health compared to other breeds due to the reduced amount of artery-clogging fats and a higher number of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Angus Beef is nothing short of excellent either. Originally from England, Angus Beef are easily identified as being one of the top breeds for fine marbling and outstanding eating quality. Their carcass and growth quality is top of the line.

When you cross Angus Beef with Wagyu Beef you get an outstanding combination of characteristics. The meat produced by the Angus / Wagyu cross at the Wright's ranch will leave your mouth watering. From tender, juicy steaks to ground beef, Wright Beef is a beef retailer who will not disappoint.

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