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Is the U.S. Cattle Business at Risk for Foot-and-Mouth Disease

While robust procedures are in place to prevent foot-and-mouth disease from entering the U.S., one veterinarian, Andrew Clark, thinks it is just a matter of time.

He is speaking about foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and whether or not the U.S. will experience an outbreak. Spending years as a veterinarian in southern Africa, he thinks it will happen. “If we look at what is a threat to...

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Petition to Limit the Definition of Beef on Meat Alternatives

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is urging the USDA to not use the term “meat” when referring to all lab-grown and plant-based meat alternatives. The definition of “beef” and “meat” is to be limited to only products from live animals born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner.

The production and processing of livestock is of vital importance to the...

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Restoring the COOL Labeling for US Beef

The United States produces the best beef in the world. And, every American should know where their beef comes from, right? If you want to eat that foreign-raised meat, go for it;  but you should know what you are getting. It is as simple as that. Why would you put mystery beef on your table, not knowing where it has come from?

The conditions have been brutal for American cattlemen ...

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Lower Your Cholesterol with Corn Fed Beef

For a long time, beef has been perceived as poor for our diet. More and more people are providing evidence that a diet rich in corn fed beef has reduced their health problems, ranging from high cholesterol to diabetes and obesity. In a recent article,...

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Buying Beef in Bulk Makes "Cents"

Buying Beef in Bulk Makes 'Cents'

We all want beef that was raised ranch direct, corn fed, and hormone and steroid free. Here at Wright Beef, we believe in raising drug-free beef, providing consumers with the best Angus and Angus/Wa...

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Top 10 Tips for Grilling Savory, Nebraska Beef Steaks

Top 10 Tips For Grilling Nebraska Beef Steaks

Fire up the backyard grill-Summer is here! The rising temps and the long summer days make it ideal for throwing some sirloin or ribeye steaks on the grill. If you are keeping ...

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Everything You Want to Know About Dry Aged Beef

Dry Aged Nebraska Beef

Chances are you have probably heard the term "Dry Aged Beef". Usually people associate it with an expensive price tag at your favorite steakhouse, or those hi...

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Summertime Grilling

Summer is upon us and that means grilling season is almost here. For most of us, that is a sign that we need to get the freezer stocked up on some good ol’ natural corn fed beef. ...

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Brazilian Beef Ban

There has been a petition created requesting that 100,000 people sign it to ban the importation of Brazilian Beef into the United States. Currently, when you purchase beef from the supermarket it all looks the same, the American Beef looks...

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Wright Beef is owned and operated by George and Sandy Wright. They specialize in producing Nebraska raised, corn-fed beef. Wright Beef crosses the Angus breeding lines with the Wagyu cattle breed to create a unique combination that produces incredibly high-quality meat that tastes amazing. Wright Beef cattle never see a feedlot; they are raised in a pasture - a free range env...

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