Brazilian Beef Ban

There has been a petition created requesting that 100,000 people sign it to ban the importation of Brazilian Beef into the United States. Currently, when you purchase beef from the supermarket it all looks the same, the American Beef looks no different than the Brazilian…from the outside. They both are even labeled with an American inspection sticker.

In the petition, it states that there have been many other beef importing countries that have already placed bans on importing beef from Brazil as a precautionary measure. This is due to the fact that the federal police in Brazil discovered that the Brazilian beef plants consciously distributed rotten beef to the public including schools and exporting to other countries.

The United States; however, did not set a ban on the importation of Brazilian beef, which tested positive for salmonella and other bacteria. The United States is the leading country in beef production and is also highest for beef consumption. After all this, we continue to bring in beef from Brazil.

This petition would ban the importation of Brazilian beef until the US Meat Inspectors are able to tell the difference between American meat and meat that is imported from other countries.

You can click here to view and sign the petition. The image below directs you where to sign.

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