Buying Beef in Bulk Makes "Cents"

Buying Beef in Bulk Makes 'Cents'

We all want beef that was raised ranch direct, corn fed, and hormone and steroid free. Here at Wright Beef, we believe in raising drug-free beef, providing consumers with the best Angus and Angus/Wagyu Cross beef and top of the line taste. No one should have to give up quality for price, or price for quality. But this type of beef in bulk can be expensive - particularly for those who are feeding entire families.

Luckily, there are ways to make feeding your family corn fed, Nebraska raised beef within your budget. When we talk about buying beef in bulk, we are talking about purchasing a whole beef, half beef, or quarter beef. The beef looks exactly the same as the beef you would buy in the grocery store - packaged separately according to the cut. The only difference is the amount of beef that you will be getting at once, which will be a lot more than you are used to.

Why Purchase Beef in Bulk?

Think about some of the products you already buy in bulk. I can think of a few...toilet paper, coffee, paper towels, etc. (you know, the necessities). Why do we do this? Because buying in bulk makes "cents." It is always cheaper and this same belief holds true for meat! By purchasing a quarter, half, or whole side of beef, your price per pound will be significantly less than if you were to purchase that same amount of beef over time in smaller amounts - savings that equate to thousands of dollars on one whole beef!

4 Benefits of Buying Beef in Bulk

  1. Higher Quality MeatGrocery stores do not age their meat. Here at Wright Beef, the dry-aging process takes between 21 to 28 days for the desired flavor and tenderness.
  2. Affordable Pricing When you purchase your beef in bulk, it is very easy to budget your expenses for an extended time period.
  3. Fewer Trips to the Grocery StoreNo more frequent grocery store trips when you have a freezer full of meat at home. In addition, you will no longer need to plan your dinners around what is on sale that week at the store either.
  4. Meat is Packaged for FreezingIf you purchase large amounts of beef at the grocery store, you have to repack the meat when freezing it, in order for the beef to keep and not get freezer burn. When you buy a side of beef, this is already done for you.
  5. Know Where Your Beef Comes FromWe understand the importance of proper breeding, feeding, processing, and dry aging. Purchase hormone and steroid free beef and trust that you are getting the best whole beef, side of beef, or quarter beef on the market.

The best part about buying beef in bulk? You and your family will be eating the best quality, the most delicious, hormone and steroid free beef available. How much does a side of beef cost? Visit to see our pricing or give Wright Beef a call at (402) 394-5531.

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