Petition to Limit the Definition of Beef on Meat Alternatives

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is urging the USDA to not use the term “meat” when referring to all lab-grown and plant-based meat alternatives. The definition of “beef” and “meat” is to be limited to only products from live animals born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner.

The production and processing of livestock is of vital importance to the state’s economy. Nebraska currently ranks first in commercial red meat production (over 8.1 billion lbs. /year). All of this translates into tens of billions of dollars of economic activity as well as thousands of jobs.

Back in January of 2018, delegates from the American Farm Bureau Federation adopted a policy which supported the prohibition of the use of “commonly known and industry recognized ‘meat’ terms in the labeling and advertising of all lab-grown and plant-based alternatives.”

For more information about the Nebraska Farm Bureau petitioning the USDA to limit the definition of beef, read the article here:

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