Restoring the COOL Labeling for US Beef

The United States produces the best beef in the world. And, every American should know where their beef comes from, right? If you want to eat that foreign-raised meat, go for it;  but you should know what you are getting. It is as simple as that. Why would you put mystery beef on your table, not knowing where it has come from?

The conditions have been brutal for American cattlemen during the past few years, following the price collapse that began in early 2015. During that same year that cattle prices collapsed, Congress folded under pressure from big meat packers and foreign producers and repealed the U.S. COOL, Country of Origin Labeling, law for beef and pork.

Now, the beef you find in a local grocery store can be labeled ‘Product of USA’ as long as it was packaged here. Meaning it could have been born, raised and slaughtered virtually anywhere.

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