Top 10 Tips for Grilling Savory, Nebraska Beef Steaks

Top 10 Tips For Grilling Nebraska Beef Steaks

Fire up the backyard grill-Summer is here! The rising temps and the long summer days make it ideal for throwing some sirloin or ribeye steaks on the grill. If you are keeping your distance from your grill, or just wanting a refresher on the basics of grilling, then keep reading.

Here are Our Top 10 Tips for Grilling Steaks:

  1. Begin with a clean grill. Do not let last night's salmon fishy flavor carry over to tonight's Angus beef steaks. Use a strong metal brush to clean remaining residue off the grates in between uses.
  2. Do not over flip the steaks. In general, the fewer times you flip your steak, the better. If the steaks stick to the grill, let it cook a little longer - it will unstick itself when it is ready for flipping.
  3. Do not squash or flatten the beef. Yes, we know that sizzling flame is tempting, but do you know what is creating that flame? Tasty, delicious fat, resulting in juicy flavor. Squeezing the steak would cause all of the taste and moisture to release out of the meat.
  4. Flames are not your food's friends, they will char it distastefully. Keep a spray bottle of water around to allow you to decrease flare-ups without interfering with heat.
  5. Purchase a meat thermometer. It is hard to tell the temperature of the meat just by touching it. An accurate way for most of us is just a quick check from a thermometer.
  6. Let the meat come to room temperature on the counter for 30 minutes before grilling. When the meat comes to room temp, the muscle relaxes helping it to cook more evenly.
  7. Slightly undercook the meat. Food continues to cook after it leaves the grill. You can expect food temperature to increase about 5 degrees after leaving the grill, so plan accordingly.
  8. Rest all meat! Allow the meat to sit undisturbed, untouched and unsliced for at least 5 to 15 minutes after cooking. This will allow the juices in the meat to redistribute.
  9. Be careful when cooking meat with bones to not over-char it. If you have a thicker steak, such as a T-bone, cook them on high heat to get a nice crust, and then move to lower, indirect heat on the grill, allowing the meat to cook through slowly without overcooking the outside.
  10. Keep it simple when serving a crowd. Having minimal protein options makes managing different cook times less stressful. Offer variety in some interesting side dishes, sauces or condiments for your guests.

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